19 March 2010

Lamest blog ever to blog?

So our team blog is like the lamest blog ever and it is a blog. So ideally race reports would go up, but no one is taking charge. SO here is my idea, weekly updates on the blog of ride recaps. Anyone object? With that said here is the ride recap:

Ethan and I headed out along fall creek this morning. The weather was fantastic, gloveless, sunny, light wind. Just a ride that makes you love riding your bike. The ride was fairly uneventful. Ethan tried a pro move: the kind that you don't see on TV and would not want to. A dog put some excitement in our legs as we sprinted away. Ethan also managed to catch me in my little ring before the Sap Sucker Woods Ithaca town line road.

With that said, good luck this weekend and next weekend, Cynthia it is time for you to get the W, and shame the rest of the team.


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